Melissa McLaughlin

Christian Author and Teacher

Prayers and Poems

“The Statue of Liberty”

I weep as I stand

I weep as I gaze

I weep as I lift high

the torch of




Let freedom in Christ ring loud and long.

For man’s fiercest freedom song

fades like trumpets tolling “Taps”

in the misty evening air.

-MM (2-1-19)



In the Potter’s hands

He turns me

Gently molding

Firmly holding

Heaven’s golding





Barely recognizing

This old lump of clay

Glimpse His glistening glory

See His unfolding story

Waiting while He works

Here in the Potter’s hands



Breath of God

Lift me in the winds of heaven

‘Til arias of angels

Float through my soul

Refresh my gasping soul

With the oxygen of Life

Your Spirit

Your Breath

Your Word

s I wait For that Great Day

When I see You

At last

Coming on the Clouds

To bear me Home



Still, ever still

Still before the Maker of my soul

My eyes behold

His royal grandeur in song

My heart testifies

His majestic power echoes

Be still my soul

The One who paints

The evening sky

Sings for me

Once more -MM



His Spirit hovers

Water swirls

Earth mists







For God to speak

In the beginning

Genesis 1:1-2


Waves of mercy



Ever moving

Wash over me

Swirl around my herat

Flood my soul

In wave after wave

Of eternal beauty

As before the throne of heaven


Plumb the depths

Plumb the depths

Of her pulsing heart

Truth ablaze

Fiery vision

Touching now the still cold walls

Of her tender mind

With Burning coal

Branding her

With a new name…

Forgiven one




Burn, O Holy One

burning one watermark

Burn, O Holy One

Burn bright within me

Breathe on the embers of my heart

Ignite a blazing fire, a consuming fire, a blazing torch

That I may love You more

That I may shine Your light

That I may not grow cold with the dust of ashen faith

Let me abandon myself to You

For You have abandoned Yourself for me

Burn up all that is not eternal

For it shall face the refiner’s fire one day soon

So burn now, O Holy One

Burn bright within me again



Let Me Not

fall leaves 2018

Lord, let me not pass by

Let me not pass by without a

glance at Your glory

Your splendor

Your majesty

Your golden voice singing,

“See what I have made,

For joy

For wonder

For awe

For beauty

So you can gaze

And not pass by

My touch

Waiting for you

Waiting for eyes to see.”


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